Hello Everyone, Raviable Here!


If you've ever played that Roblox game called "Handless Segway Fun", that's made my by me

So the question is, what is my origin?

my original first game that was even Made was called Punching Bag Simulator, a game where you had to punch a punching bag, weirdly enough I made other versions and then made a sequel.


My main Roblox account (Raviable) was hacked in early 2016, and for two years I didn't know what to do. eventually, at 1:01 AM on August the 25th 2018 I was able to reclaim my account with just Video proof. in those two years of bouncing around alternate accounts. I knew that one day I would see myself on my original account once again, and here we are.


I've played on more than one Platform, not just PC! Check the contacts to Get my Nintendo Switch Friend code


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